Welcome to Red Eagle Gems! My name is Ed Kogut.  I am an award winning goldsmith with over 35 years experience in the gemstone and jewelry fields. Red Eagle Gems was created to bring some of my special creations to you.

Here at Red Eagle Gems we feature unique, one of a kind, and limited edition designs and creations. One of our specialties is Elk Ivory Jewelry. We work mainly in gold and silver and sometimes use copper, brass and other metals and materials. All these come together in harmony creating wonderful pieces just for you.

We also offer you an extensive catalog of jewelry and gemstones, rivaling the finest jewelry stores in the country,  in the best quality, price, and selections to fill all your needs.

Please contact us if you like what you see but have a more specific idea in mind. Perhaps you have your own Elk Ivories and want to make a special piece around them. Or you have a special stone. Or another personal treasure We can custom design and create a one of a kind treasure just for you.